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ACS Courier Connector helps you automate the process for shipments' preparation. By using this extension, you are able to process your orders to ACS from your Magento® store in a very quick & easy way. It saves your time, spend it by drinking beers ;)
*Tip: when you create your shipments, the Tracking Code is auto-assigned to each order.


Magento Acs Courier Settings

1. Magento® Acs Courier Settings

  • Enable the extension
  • Fill your Company ID (provided by ACS)
  • Fill your Company password (provided by ACS)
  • Fill your User Name (provided by ACS)
  • Fill your Password (provided by ACS)
  • Fill your Customer ID (provided by ACS)
  • Choose appropriate shipping method for ACS Vouchers
  • Choose ACS Voucher Print Type
  • Select default number of pieces per recipient (shipment)
  • Fill ACS Carrier title -it shows when sending tracking number section
One Page Checkout Configurations

2. Mass Create Vouhers

  • Create voucher for each order separately or mass via Orders Grid
  • Check status, voucher created or not
  • Mass create vouchers for orders via actions dropdown
One Page Checkout Configurations

3. Manage Orders & Vouchers

  • Check orders with created vouchers
  • Print (download) orders' vouchers
  • Tracking number for each order (auto-assign to shipment)
  • Status for order & voucher
  • Cancel vouchers for canceled orders
One Page Checkout Configurations

4. Manage Receipt Lists for orders

  • Mass number for Receipt list
  • Number of vouchers included in receipt list
  • Print (download) receipt lists


  • Magento® 1.6+
  • PHP 5.3+
  • IonCube Loader 5.0+
  • MageGuide_All extension must be installed!


  • v.1.2.1 - 10/01/2016

Acs courier Integration

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