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Moosend allows you to easily manage multiple email campaigns, newsletters, mailing lists and send beautiful emails with the responsive email editor. Use email automations, personalisation features and social media integration. Create beautiful campaign reports and watch statistics in real time. If you haven't already use Moosend for your email campaigns, you can give it a try here.


Magento® Moosend Account Api key Settings

1. Get your Moosend Api Key

  • Login your account in Moosend platform
  • Navigate to Account > Api Key section
  • Copy your Api Key
  • *you can generate one in case it doesn't already exist
Enable connection - api key moosend to Magento®

2. Enable your connection

  • Set Enable Moosend to "Yes"
  • Fill in your Moosend account "Username"
  • Fill in your Moosend account "Password"
  • The "Api Key" you copied before, must be placed here
  • Moosend api url is:
Synchronize your lists between Magento® & Moosend

3. Synchronize your customers & subscribers

  • Choose what you want to sync (Customers, clients or Both)
  • Choose default list for sync your customers
  • Choose default list for sync your subscribers
  • You can choose the store you want to synchronise with Moosend
Force synchronisation Moosend

4. Force synchronization

  • Synchronization between Moosend and Magento® works via cron!
  • In case, you haven't already setup cron, read our "Installation Guide"
  • If you need to force synhcronization for Magento® & Moosend, click "Sync with Moosend" in Newsletter > Subscribers section


  • Magento® 1.6+
  • PHP 5.3+


  • v.1.5.3 - 10/01/2016

Moosend Integration


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